Delicious Pork Banh Mi (Bánh mi) in Hanoi, Vietnam's Old Quarter

Delicious Pork Bahn Mi in Hanoi, Vietnam's Old Quarter

Delicious grilled pork Banh Mi from Breadmore in Hanoi old quarter
Delicious grilled pork Banh Mi from Bread More in Hanoi old quarter

I'm on a Banh Mi mission! For those who doesn't know what bánh mi is, it's a foot-long baguette stuffed with delicious ingredients. This popular lunch dish surely has an influence from the French, as Vietnam was a part of French Indochina from the 19th to 20th century.

breadmore Banh mi shop
Bread More Banh Mi shop 
Today I visited Bread More for lunch. They make a great banh mi here. I ordered grilled pork sandwich, which surprisingly had a lot more than only grilled pork inside! This banh mi also has omelette, pâté, lots of veggies (mostly carrot and cucumber), peppery sauce, and mayonnaise. The sandwich does have chilies that come with the veggies but don't worry, it's not spicy at all! (Trust me ;)).

The baguette was freshly baked out of the oven and served warm. The bread was still crispy on the outside. As for the taste, it's just perfect! The grilled pork came in a big pieces (compared to other banh mi stands we have tried), and none of the tastes or smells of the ingredients overpowered any other. I really love the pepper sauce and all the veggies so much!

Besides banh mi, they also sell milk tea. The shop is very close to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Price :💲

Location : 41 lương văn can, hoàn kiếm, hà nội, Hà Nội 


Warm and crispy Banh Mi in my hand!
Warm and crispy Banh Mi!