Guide to Eating at Jay Fai Restaurant

Raan Jay Fai (Jay Fai Restaurant) is possibly the most famous restaurant in all of Southeast Asia. Famous amongst locals, expats, foodies, and travelers for decades, Jay Fai came to international fame when her small local restaurant won a Michelin star in the 2018 edition of the Bangkok Michelin Guide - the first street restaurant to win such a prestigious award.

Since then, Jay Fai and her famous restaurant have been featured in travel shows such as Netflix's Street Food and Somebody Feed Phil, and she has been called "the best cook in Thailand" by none other than Martha Stewart.

Today, it's becoming harder and harder to get a seat at Jay Fai's perpetually busy restaurant. Here's everything you need to know about taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience!

Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand (Michelin star seafood restaurant)
Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand (Michelin star seafood restaurant)

How to eat at Jay Fai's Restaurant (Raan Jay Fai)

Jay Fai doesn't take reservations, so you'll need to arrive early if you want to be sure to get a table.

The restaurant opens at 9:00 in the morning, but people start queueing up outside of the doors by 7:00. At 8:00, the staff will place a notebook on a table in front of the restaurant, and those who have been queued up can sign in for a queue number.

to eat at Jay fai restaurant in Bangkok, you must arrive early

At 9:00, the doors open, and Jay Fai begins cooking for the first people in the notebook. As diners finish their meal, the staff will call out for the next queue number. Don't go far! They will only announce the queue number once, and if you miss it, you're out of luck!

When we last visited, there were several extremely upset tourists who had wandered off or who were not paying attention and missed their chance to eat at Raan Jay Fai for the day. Pay attention or miss out... no exceptions! I recommend hanging out right outside the restaurant and listening closely to the staff as they call out the queue so you're certain not to lose your chance.


When your queue number is called, you'll be handed a menu and will have a moment to look at it and place your order with the staff before going inside the tiny traditional shophouse restaurant to be seated.

It's a good idea to know what you want ahead of time so that you don't have to spend too much time studying the menu before placing your order.

The food here is expensive - probably the most expensive street food in all of Thailand. Expect to pay many times the price of a normal street food dish. For a special occasion, it's worth every baht for the experience and the food, however. Jay Fai won her Michelin star for her supremely high-quality ingredients and massive portions.

Jay Fai Michelin star street food restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand menu
the menu at Jay Fai's restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand Michelin star street food)

What to order

1. Crab Omelette - 1,200 baht ($35)

Jay Fai's crab omelette is the dish that won the world's first street food Michelin star and made her famous. Crispy fried egg is wrapped around some of the largest, freshest, and sweetest pieces of crab meat you'll ever taste.

Jay Fai Michelin star crab omellette
Jay Fai Michelin star crab omellette

2. Crab Curry - 2,000 baht ($60)

Jay Fai's most expensive dish is her luxurious and rich yellow curry with crab. It's sweet, hearty, and not spicy (except for the bright red chili peppers). This traditional curry is made with huge portions of stir-fried crab meat.

Jay Fai crab yellow curry
Jay Fai crab yellow curry

3. Prawns with Garlic and Black Pepper - 1,200 baht ($35)

Giant prawns are stir-fried and served with a huge serving of deep-fried crispy garlic and topped with fresh cilantro.

Jay Fai black pepper and garlic stir-fried prawns
Jay Fai black pepper and garlic stir-fried prawns

4. Drunken Prawns (kee mao kung) - 1,000 baht ($30)

A handful of monstrous Thai river prawns are wok-fried with a hot and spicy sauce, Thai holy basil, and fresh red chilies.

Jay Fai kee mao kung (drunken shrimp)
Jay Fai kee mao kung (drunken prawns)

Every dish is lovingly made by hand by Jay Fai herself. She refuses to hire any assistant cooks and says she will never write down any of her recipes. No matter what you order, you can expect your meal to be delicious and carefully made. I genuinely believe that you cannot go wrong choosing any item off of the menu.

(Every dish pairs best with an ice-cold Chang beer!)

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Jay Fai Opening Hours

Raan Jay Fai is open daily from 9am to 9pm.

When to visit

You have to arrive early and be patient if you want to eat at Jay Fai's restaurant. The restaurant opens at 9:00, but people usually begin queueing up around 7:00. At 8:00 the staff puts out a notebook where you can sign in for a queue number. The earlier you arrive, the better!

Where is Jay Fai's restaurant located?

Jay Fai is located in Bangkok's Old Town (Rattanakosin) neighborhood, very near to Thipsamai Pad Thai and the Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket). You can reach this neighborhood easily by metered taxi, public bus #8, or by MRT at Sam Yot Station.