Hoy Tod Talay, or Seafood Fried Oyster Omelette

Hoy Tod Talayin Bang Krajao, Thailand (The "Green Lung" of Bangkok)Bang Krajao, known as the "Green Lung of Bangkok", is an artificial island made out of a wide bend in the Chaophraya River just south of Bangkok, Thailand. It's a mostly undeveloped area that is legally protected from the urbanization that has spread through the rest of Bangkok. You can rent a bicycle, visit a traditional floating market, and generally get away from the city and into the fresh air without having to go far away from Bangkok.
The other day I took a short trip to the Green Lung, and ordered a delicious and impressively cheap plate of hoy tod talay, or crispy oyster omelette topped with seafood.

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Moo Tod, or Fried Thai Pork with Sticky Rice

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Pad Thai Mr. Hui, Bangkok, Thailand

Hoy Tod, or Thai-style crispy oyster omelette

Sweet Potato Massaman Curry at Wat Tham Suea, Krabi

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