Chorizo Breakfast Tacos in San Marcos, Texas

Hill Country Chorizo and Bacon Breakfast Tacos by Loli's Café, San Marcos, Texas We were up early in San Marcos, Texas, excited to hit the river for some early morning tubing, but first, we needed something to eat. Upon a local recommendation, we decided to stop in at the famous Loli's Cafe, which opened in 2005 inside a renovated self-service carwash and quickly became a San Marcos student and local favorite for their delicious breakfast tacos and sweet cream coffee. bacon and egg breakfast taco from Loli's Café, San Marcos, Texas Texas-style breakfast tacos are served wrapped in a warm, fresh tortilla and stuffed with all sorts of filling ingredients. We ordered two: chorizo, egg, and cheese and bacon and egg. Both were phenomenal!  The bacon was crispy and almost burnt - exactly the way I like it, and the generous portion of cheese melted over the bacon and eggs to hold everything together. The chorizo was scrambled up and cooked with the eggs to infuse them with delicio

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