Breakfast Tacos at Lolita's Restaurante in Waco, Texas

Simit with Cheese in Istanbul, Turkey

Beyran Çorbası, or Spicy Lamb Breakfast Soup in Istanbul, Turkey

Turşu Suyu, or Turkish Pickle Juice in Istanbul

Rice Pudding and Turkish Coffee at Lale Restaurant ("The Pudding Shop") in Istanbul, Turkey

The Original Iskander Kebab with Yogurt and Brown Butter in Istanbul, Turkey

"CrackGriddle" Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Pancake Breakfast Sandwich at Crackhouse, Bangkok, Thailand

On Lok Yun: Classic Thai-Style Breakfast in Bangkok

Ice Cream for Breakfast: Breakfast Fresh Milk by GussSundae Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

Mutton Roghan Ghosht with Butter Naan in Bangkok, Thailand (Homemade Kitchen & Cafe)

Chicken Bami Noodles at Samoontoon Noodles, Bangkok, Thailand

Braised Goose in Bangkok, Thailand

"Hellfire" Pad Thai in Bangkok, Thailand (Pad Thai Narok Taek)

Bánh Cuốn Tom Yum: Thai-Vietnamese Fusion Food in Udon Thani

Khao Soi Gai, or Northern Thai Chicken Curry Noodles in Bangkok, Thailand

Bua Loi, or Floating Lotus - traditional Thai dessert in Bangkok

Tom Yum Eggs Benedict and Basil-ade at Sarnies, Bangkok

Famous Paella in Bangkok, Thailand (Chatuchak Weekend Market)

Award-Winning Southern Thai Seafood at Beer Hima in Bangkok

Tubtim Krob, or Crispy Rubies (Traditional Thai Dessert) in Bangkok, Thailand

Blue Crab Pad Thai at Baan Phadthai, Bangkok, Thailand (Michelin Bib Gourmand)