Mutton Roghan Ghosht with Butter Naan in Bangkok, Thailand (Homemade Kitchen & Cafe)

Mutton Rogan Josh and Butter Naan

Authentic Indian Food in Bangkok by Homemade Kitchen & Cafe

Mutton Roghan Ghosht is a cherished and flavorsome Indian dish. This hearty, slow-cooked mutton (goat meat) dish embodies a perfect balance of spices, tenderness, and rich flavors. The dish's name, "roghan ghosht," literally means "buttery meat," highlighting the luxurious and rich nature of the flavors and textures in this beloved South Asian delicacy.

mutton roghan ghosht in Bangkok, Thailand
mutton roghan ghosht in Bangkok, Thailand
A few years back, I attended the Bangkok Great Diwali Festival at ICONSiam shopping mall. This huge food and cultural festival featured dozens of Indian restaurants selling their signature snacks, food, and drinks at different stalls.

Homemade Kitchen & Cafe was one of the restaurants that catered this event, and I tried their delicious prawn biryani.

I was excited to finally visit Homemade Kitchen & Cafe's physical restaurant, located near the river in Bangkok's Khlong San neighborhood.

I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I asked for recommendations. The waiter was super helpful and asked me lots of questions so that he could give me the best suggestion for what to eat. I ended up ordering the roghan ghost, which was super rich and meaty. I asked for it to have a medium spice level, which was just perfect for me.

Roghan ghost is made by marinating chunks of mutton in a blend of yogurt, various spices such as cumin, coriander, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, along with fresh garlic, ginger, and saffron. The marinated meat is then slowly cooked in its own juices with a base of caramelized onions and tomatoes until perfectly tender.

roghan ghost with mutton in Bangkok, Thailand
roghan ghost with mutton in Bangkok, Thailand

Each dish also comes with an order of bread, and I chose butter naan as my choice. The naan was soft and delicious, and absolutely dripping with sweet, melted butter. It was the perfect accompaniment to my meal.

butter naan at Homemade Kitchen & Cafe in Bangkok

Website, Menu, and Delivery Information

Homemade Kitchen & Cafe will deliver within Bangkok. Visit their website to check out their fantastic menu and to place an order online (fulfilled by Food Panda).


Homemade Kitchen & Cafe is located in Bangkok at 196 2 Krung Thon Buri Road, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600. It's a short walk from Khlong San BTS Station and ICONSiam shopping mall. The easiest way to get there is by BTS Skytrain, or by taking a taxi.

Homemade Kitchen & Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand (authentic Indian food)
Homemade Kitchen & Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand (authentic Indian food)

See the map below for the exact location.