Crab Yellow Curry at Jay Fai (ปูผัดผงกะหรี่) - Bangkok, Thailand Michelin Star Street Food

Jay Fai's Crab Curry (ปูผัดผงกะหรี่)

at Raan Jay Fai, Bangkok's most famous local restaurant

Would you spend 2,000 baht (about $60) on Thai street food?

While celebrity chef Jay Fai is internationally known for her Michelin-starred crab omelette, she also serves a number of delicious Thai seafood dishes that are not to be overlooked. Rich, sweet, salty, and stuffed with tons of crab meat, a serving of this traditional yellow curry could easily serve 3-4 people, especially if ordered alongside another dish or two.

Thai crab yellow curry at Jai Fai's Michelin star Bangkok street food restaurant
Thai crab yellow curry at Jai Fai's Michelin star Bangkok street food restaurant

Steamed crab is stir-fried with large slices of crispy onion, green onion, and bright red chili peppers. The chilis aren't too spicy, but if you're sensitive to capsaicin, you can avoid them. What makes this type of yellow curry different from other Thai curries is how fresh eggs are cracked into the simmering curry to thicken it and add an extra layer of rich sweetness.

yellow crab curry at Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
yellow crab curry at Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Every single dish at Raan Jay Fai is made by the hand of Jay Fai herself. She's the sole cook and refuses to write down a single one of her recipes or to pass on her restaurant after she retires. Dining at Raan Jay Fai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

As you sit in the small, cramped local style shophouse restaurant, you can watch as Jay Fai cooks your dish, always wearing the iconic goggles that protect her from the smoke and fumes from cooked chilis.

famous Thai chef Jai Fai cooks at a hot wok in Bangkok, Thailand
Jay Fai cooks every dish herself



A serving of Jay Fai's crab yellow curry costs 2000 baht (about $60). This is possibly the most expensive street food dish in all of Thailand, but it's worth the price for a special occasion.

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Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
Jay Fai Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

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Where is Jay Fai's restaurant located?

Jay Fai is located in Bangkok's Old Town (Rattanakosin) neighborhood, very near to Thipsamai Pad Thai and the Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket). You can reach this neighborhood easily by metered taxi, public bus #8, or by MRT at Sam Yot Station.

327 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand