Delicious Vietnamese dessert: Chè Bốn Mùa - Hàng Cân

Delicious Vietnamese dessert: Chè Bốn Mùa - Hàng Cân

Popular Vietnamese desserts
Popular Vietnamese dessert
It was a hot afternoon in Hanoi, and after a day of exploring the city by foot, I needed something to cool off. I discovered a popular desserts shop that was drawing many locals inside, so I decided to experience that delicious dessert myself.

It was a bit funny! I was standing there awkwardly for a while without any word from the employees (maybe they can't speak English or maybe they were too busy). The menu was entirely in Vietnamese and they sell various type of desserts, but I didn't have any idea what they were.  So I stood there for quite a while. Finally, I got the attention of one of the workers, and I decided to hold up one finger like I was asking for one order of the dessert. This is what I got! (so please don't ask me what it's called T^T) The dessert comes in a take away cup. There are so many things in this cup. It's a cup of delicious! The main part is sticky black agar (black jelly that make out of some sort of grass which is famous in Asian desserts), lotus seeds, water chestnut, coconut milk, ice, and the rest... I don't know! It's very refreshing in this kind of heat, and it really cooled me off.

It's worth a try and I think it's a pretty healthy desserts as all the ingredients above are good for our health. :)

Price: 💲 (20k VND)