Hủ tiếu khô or Phnom Penh Noodles, Hanoi Old Quarter

 Hủ tiếu khô or Phnom Penh Noodles (dry), Hanoi Old Quarter

at Mỳ Vằn Thắn Đinh Liệt

 Hủ tiếu khô or Phnom Penh Noodles (dry) served with dumping soup

I have come to this noodle shop in Hanoi's Old Quarter several times. I like this restaurant, and I think the dishes they serve here taste different from other noodle restaurants in Hanoi. This time I ordered  Hủ tiếu khô or Phnom Penh dry pork noodles. This dish, which is more popular in southern Vietnam, is a result of Cambodian influence. Recipes for Phnom Penh noodles vary in ingredients and procedure at each restaurant.

This noodle bowl contains chewy white noodles, soft and tender sliced pork, minced pork, peanuts, veggies, and fried garlic (my fav!). All together this dish comes near my top rank of food in Hanoi too. It's so so DELICIOUS! What I like about this shop is that when you order dry noodles, they will serve a tasty bowl of dumpling soup on the side too! That way, you still get your noodles and your soup.

The bite of peppery pork that is stuffed inside these thin dough dumplings is so yummy. It's like you get to try two things in just one order. This is a noodle shop where your money will be worth spending, as you will definitely leave full and happy! The food serve is very quick, and your noodles will be on your table just a few minutes after you place your order. The shop is nice and clean, and is conveniently located in an alleyway in Hanoi's Old Quarter, close to Hoan Kiem Lake. You can see other dishes from this shop on our blog :)