Mi Kho or Dry Noodles with Chinese BBQ pork

Mi Kho or dry noodles with Chinese BBQ pork

at Mỳ Vằn Thắn Đinh Liệt

bowl of vietnamese mi kho dry noodles

Mi kho, delicious traditional Vietnamese noodle dish worth the money for your tummy!

This is my new favorite dish that I decided to have for lunch. It's called Mi kho (or "my kho"). In English the dish is called "dry noodles with BBQ pork". The noodles don't have a broth, but the bowl is served with pork dumpling soup on the side. I believe this dish has a Chinese influence. The dish came with egg noodles, Chinese-style BBQ pork, bok choy, boiled quail eggs, a stuffed crispy wonton, a slice of liver (I just didn't eat that part!), and a thick sauce that is sweet and savory with a little spiciness (it reminded me a bit of Sichuan-style sauce). The taste is perfectly delicious! All of the ingredients get along very well, and I can't get enough with just one bowl. It's even better when I wash everything down with the delicious mellow soup. The big pieces of peppery pork dumplings in the soup are so so good. I love this dish! I am sure to come back here again :). The price is standard, similar to a bowl of noodles at other restaurants in Hanoi. The shop is clean, which is an important standard. They also serve soy milk at the same price as water. There are always customers in the restaurant, but their service is quick. The shop is open from 7am - 10pm. It's not far from Hoan Kiam Lake. 



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