Bánh bèo, Savory Steamed Rice Cake or Waterfern Cake - Hue, Vietnam

Bánh bèo, Savory steam rice cake or waterfern cake 

Hue, Vietnam

Bánh bèo

Bánh bèo is one of the must-try dishes that originates form Hue. It's very popular for both snacking or as a full meal. Bánh bèo is made from rice cakes which are a combination of rice flour mixed with tapioca and steamed until soft. The tiny bowls of rice cake are topped with shrimp, pork, fried onions and shallots. Bánh bèo is served with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce and chili. It's very delicious and healthy.

a filling meal

This rice cake is so soft that it can melt in my mouth. The rice cake itself has no taste, but a very good light texture. The flavor comes from the delicious toppings and a sprinkle of dipping sauce. Oh, I love it so much! All 8 cups were gone in 30 seconds after my boyfriend and I sat down! The taste and ingredients can be a little different in each restaurant, so my motto is to try them ALL (jk, just as many as I can!)

This is the same restaurant where I tried bánh khoái. I really love the taste of food in central Vietnam!

The shop is clean, the owner can speak English well. The price is reasonable.

Price: 40,000d per serving (8 portions)

Location Quan New Restaurant