Bánh Mì 25: is this the best Banh Mi in Hanoi's Old Quarter?

Bánh Mì 25: is this the best Banh Mi in Hanoi's Old Quarter?

Delicious Banh Mi 25, Old quarter of HAnoi
Delicious Banh Mi 25, Old Quarter Hanoi
I have been eating as much banh mi  as I can in Hanoi. I first came to Banh Mi 25 because they had excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and other sites. I had to find out for myself!

We have been to Banh Mi 25 a few times now, and ordered a few different banh mi. The first one I had was a vegetarian sandwich stuffed with oyster mushrooms and fired garlic. The second banh mi that I tried was honey grilled chicken, which was also SOOOOOO delicious! Big pieces of chicken (without skin or fat) were perfectly grilled with honey sauce. As it turns out, this restaurant is as good as it seems!

This is THE BEST banh mi that I have tried during my month in Hanoi!

Half of their menu is vegetarian, so there are options for everyone. They also have a fried tofu banh mi that goes really well with their chili sauce. Their sandwiches have lots of ingredients stuffed into the baguette, and really big pieces of meat too! Each sandwich comes with shredded carrot, cucumber, and cilantro.

It's unbelievable that I can get this best quality banh mi at a normal price just like at anyother street stall around Hanoi. I can see why this place is the no.1 banh mi in this area. I have no regrets, and will definitely come back tomorrow to try Pate+free-range egg + cheese!
Banh Mi 25 has a nice area to sit and sip some beers or fresh juice. It's very clean and open-air. If it's busy, you can pull up a plastic stool on the side of the street and watch the city pass by as you enjoy your lunch.


25,000 - 30,000d

the front of the restaurant

inside the restaurant

Part II: Pate + cheese + free-range chicken egg and mixed BBQ pork banh mi

Delicious Banh Mi at Banh Mi 25, Hanoi old quarter
Delicious Banh Mi at Banh Mi 25
I just had to go back there again. This time I ordered a banh mi with pate with egg and cheese. It's as good as expected! The pate is so rich, and it goes really well with egg and melted cheddar cheese. By the way, you can order extra ingredients like extra egg and cheese with any banh mi here for a small extra charge!

Another one is THE BEST BBQ PORK BANH MI that we have tried! Sliced BBQ pork tastes so yummy, not fatty like some other shops. It's so awesome!

The shop has two sections across the street from each other. One side is the kitchen and cashier, and the other one is the place to sit and eat. Place your order, then cross the street and take a seat. They will come serve you. After your lunch, just go across the tiny road with your receipt to pay the cashier.