Chè, or Sweet Soup from the Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam by Ngọc Hiền

Chè or Hue Sweet Soup 

by Ngọc Hiền

Delicious Chè or Hue Sweet Soup  by Ngọc Hiền 
This is one of the most famous desserts in the Imperial City of Hue. It can also be called "chè Huế". This was once a royal dessert reserved for the emperor! Nowadays, Hue is still recognized as a royal city. This is a dessert that the people of Hue people are very proud to present. Chè Huế, or Hue sweet soup is more popular during summertime when the temperature can rise up to 37C. This is a great way to cool yourself down and restore your energy! In Hue, you can always find che carts all along the road. It's A BIG THING here, and there is no reason why we should miss it!

I passed by this shop so many times while walking through the town, but I never knew what they sold. I was lucky when a local friend took me to try it. Otherwise, I would have had no idea how to order. I was stunned by how many things we can put in our sweet soup! There are a wide variety of ingredients to choose from; mixed fruits, red beans, taro, sweet potato, even pork dumpling (?!). I decided to order the mixed fruit as my friend recommended, and IT IS AMAZING! It was a hot and muggy night, and the soup was so fresh and tasty. My mixed fruit che contained dragon fruit, mango, watermelon, and lychee mixed with a sweet syrup and served over crushed ice. How can it not be delicious! As good as it sound, it's also cheap - one cup only costs 10,000d!

my Chè Huế  or sweet soup with mixed fruits 
It's a popular shop, especially after the sun goes down. We sat on a tiny stool at a tiny table on the side of the road. It's a fun experience to try everything when I travel, and it makes it even more fun when you have a local friend to give you the best recommendations. It gives me the chance to get to know the culture and tradition much better than by only going to the tourist spots. 

Price 8,000 - 10,000d (depending on what you order)