Fish My Quang (Mi Quang) Da Nang at My Quang 24/7

Fish Mi Quang (Mi Quang) Da Nang at My Quang 24/7

Delicious. Healthy. Clean

My Quang, Specialty of Danang
My Quang, Specialty of Danang

It's time to leave Hue and keep moving south. I have been amazed by how elegant and delicious all of the royal cuisine in Hue's Imperial City has been. You might be able to find some original Hue dishes throughout the central area of Vietnam, but no where will be quite the same as in Hue.

Now we are moving on down the coast to Dan Nang,  where My Quang is so popular. My Quang is a noodle dish that originated from Quang Nam province, where Da Nang is located. This traditional dish is very popular among Vietnamese people in the central part of the country.

My Quang is a unique and outstanding noodle dish that you can find all over the place in Da Nang. What makes it so unique? The dish uses a special type of wide rice noodle and cooked with lots of turmeric. The meat used for the dish varies, depends on what you would like to order. Common meats used are chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, and pork. Each bowl is raditionally served with grilled sesame rice paper and herbs on the side.

We are on the coast, so we had to order some fish! The noodles are served in a rich and mellow turmeric broth which had a mild taste of fish sauce. Each bowl has just a little bit of broth; the noodles and the meat are the main ingredients. The thick rice noodles are so soft and chewy, almost like the udon noodles used in Japanese cuisine.

The fish that topped the bowl of noodles was amazingly DELICIOUS. The soft fish had been cooked slowly with turmeric and other herbs, giving it a rich salty taste that spread through every parts of the meat. It's common to have peanuts and shallot sprinkled in the bowl as well to add some flavor and crunch. Adding mixed herbs in the bowl make it more healthy and tasty (especially for the people who love the strong smell and flavor of herbs). One of the best parts of the dish is the crispy sesame rice paper. It goes so well with all the flavors!

Inside My Quang 24/7 restaurant 
While I was there, there were many locals and tourists who came in to eat at lunch time.

I'm here in the hottest period of the year, and every day the temperature reaches above 37C (over 100F) at noon, so I'm very thankful for this nice AC restaurant. The food here has an excellent taste with a reasonable price, and a nice big portion. It may be a little more expensive compared to the more local shops along the streets, but the restaurant is really nice to sit and rest in for a while.

Price: 45.000-55.000d 

Location : My Quang 24/7 (at the corner of Tran Quoc Toan & Duong Tran phu)
[for some reason, I couldn't find the location on the map, but it's just north of Da Nang Cathedral]