Healthy and Delicious Tofu in Hanoi by Viet Corner

Healthy and Delicious Tofu dish in Hanoi 

by Viet Corner

Stir fried Tofu with black pepper
When you are in Vietnam, there are always plenty of options for vegetarians to eat. This restaurant served us up some very good tofu dishes. We ordered tofu fried with black pepper sauce and tofu fried with tomato. The price is reasonable, and the big portions were very filling.

I  know that there are a lot of vegetarian options in Vietnamese cuisine, but I feel like it's more of a Chinese-style dish than Vietnamese. That makes sense, though! China ruled over Vietnam on and off for nearly a thousand years! No wonder there is so much cultural and culinary influence.

The tofu with black pepper is so tasty! The sauce is very rich, with pepper, onion and tomato all going along so well together. The dish is served with a big scoop of warm, perfectly soft rice. Another healthy dish is tofu fried with tomato sauce, which has a sweet-and-sour taste. I really recommend both dishes for tofu lovers, (especially after eating your fill of bread and pate all week)!

Tofu fried with tomato sauce
Inside the shop is very clean and comfortable. The food is served quickly, and all of the prices are very reasonable. It's very easy to spot this restaurant at the corner of the street. In fact, it's just next door to the famous Sinh Tourister (the original Vietnamese travel agency) Hanoi Office #1. Why not stop by when booking your night bus from Hanoi?

Price: 💲

40,000d per dish

Dietary notes
🥑 vegetarian