Popular Bangkok street food, Kanhom Tokyo or stuffed crispy pancakes

 Kanhom Tokyo or stuffed crispy pancakes, Popular Bangkok street food 

First of all I have to say that this dessert has nothing to do with Tokyo City in Japan. Apparently, It's actually related to Kyoto instead! The history of this dessert starts in the 1960s. There was a Japanese mall called Daimaru that opened the first time in Thailand. It was a very popular mall, because it was the first mall in Thailand with air conditioning and escalators. Many people went to hang out at Diamaru to try and stay cool in the hot Bangkok weather, and lots of people wanted to eat snacks while they were there.

Stuffed crispy pancake roll

Daimaru brought Japanese dessert culture into the country. Thai people liked the Japanese desserts and try to make their own version. There were lots of adjustment to the recipe match with Thai culture. The original "Kyoto" dessert was stuffed with red beans (some Japanese visitors to Bangkok said it was like Yatsuhashi from Kyoto), but Thai people change the ingredients to be custard, pandan, sausage, and my favorite, quail egg with minced pork.

How did "Kyoto" desert get renamed to be "Tokyo"? It's believed to all be a mix-up from when they make signs for the shops! Nowadays these Tokyo dessert shops are scattered all around, especially in school and market areas.

You can see how they make it on the stove at any food cart. First they make a thin crispy pancake, then add the filling, and roll it up.

This dessert can be very filling. I suggest eating it right away, before it gets soggy. It's definitely the most tasty when it's crispy and hot! 

The price is very very cheap. It's about $0.1-$0.5 depends on what you order.