Vegetarian dishes in Hue, Vietnam; Lien Hoa

Lien Hoa - Delicious & Cheap Vegetarian Restaurant

 Hue, Vietnam

bánh đủ loại or mixed stream rice cake
 bánh đủ loại or mixed stream rice cake
It's always hard to find a good vegetarian restaurant that serve food at a good quality and reasonable price. I'm not vegetarian, but I try to set aside a day or two in the week when I don't eat meat. One  day, while out exploring, we discovered this cool vegetarian restaurant in Hue. It's quite popular around lunch time. This place look like a very authentic fancy Vietnamese restaurant at first glance. In fact, the restaurant almost looks like an ancient traditional wooden house, or maybe a  Vietnamese temple! I was expecting an expensive meal, but it turns out the food is actually cheaper than many restaurants along the streets in Hue!

Lien Hoa serves various types of Vietnamese food, especially traditional dishes from Hue.


It's time for lunch. We escaped from the heat outside and entered this restaurant.  Although there is no air-conditioning, the open-air restaurant is shady and cool, with ceiling fans and a fish pond. There are so many delicious Vietnamese dishes on the menu, and it was so hard to decide what I should order. At first I wanted to order banh nam (13,000d) but the waiter indicated that they were all out, and recommended another dish for me to try, which was actually worth my money even more. I ended up ordering the dish that he recommended. It's called bánh đủ loại or "mixed streamed rice cakes". The menu has an English translation for most dishes, but sometimes the translation can be a little rough. The staff doesn't seem to speak much English either, but through pointing and smiling, you can communicate just fine!

In front of  Lien Hoa, vegetarian restaurant in Hue
In front of  Lien Hoa, vegetarian restaurant in Hue 
My lunch was served with 3 types of dipping sauce: soy sauce, a thick soy curd, and fish sauce. The platter was full of different types of streamed rice cakes, all vegetarian. One was made with green bean paste, one with mushroom and tofu, one was stuffed with tofu and veggies, and one was a flat circle of rice cake that you  roll up with mixed topping. You can choose which sauce you want to dip each bite in. 

Every bite of this dish was high-quality and delicious. The streamed rice cakes were so light and soft, and all of the ingredients were cooked and mixed with lots of flavors. I got excited by the presentation of this dish; all of the various types or rice cakes made me feel interested about every bite and not bored with the same taste, especially when I dip the cakes into the different sauces. The flavors change with every single bite, and it's more fun. You can tell that they put their soul and love of cooking into this dish.
The restaurants is well-designed and decorated in a way that looks like an authentic traditional house. It's located in the center of Hue city, and is very easy to find or walk to.

The restaurant has two part: a small AC room and an open-air area with fans. The open-air part is nicer, I think, because you can sit by the fish pond and watch the koi fish.

While we were eating, there was a big fat lizard that walked past. I like the feeling of sitting among trees and nature ;)

Price: 💲 - all dishes 15,000-60,000d

Bánh đủ loại is only 35,000d for the whole platter! The food here is not only delicious, it's also so cheap!


Dietary notes
🥑 vegetarian