Vietnamese Royal Cuisine - Nem Lui or Pork Skewers on Lemongrass, Hue

Nem Lui or pork skewers from Hue, Vietnam

by Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai

Nem lui or Delicious pork skewer of Hue, Vietnam
Nem lui or Delicious pork skewer of Hue
Central Vietnam's Hue is a city that is believed to have some of the best food in the country. In fact,it was chosen by the emperors of  the Nguyễn Dynasty as their capital because of the region's incredible produce and ingredients.

We are keep our eyes open for the famous traditional dishes from Hue. When we were searching for a place to get some delicious banh khaoi, which is not only delicious, but also reasonably priced in the Imperial City area. We found a restaurant called "Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai", and decided to give it a try.

Step 1. Put veggie and pork skewer on the rice paper to wrap it up

I ordered one set of pork skewers, which is enough for 1-2 people. It's a little pricey by Vietnames standards - one order costs 80,000d - but I think that it's totally worth it.
Nem Lui is a delicious soft and tender ground pork skewered with lemongrass and grilled over hot coals. The pork itself has a flavorful salty taste with a very mild herbal aroma. A stack of thin rice paper folded on a plate are served on the side, along with a big bowl of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit (star fruit, carrots, raw papaya, cucumber, lettuce, and more).

The dish served with a special sweet dipping that has kind of a nutty-sesame taste.
The staff showed us how to eat this dish properly. First, unfold a sheet of rice paper. Add some mixed veggies and fruit on top of the sheet, followed by a stick of pork skewer. Then, wrap the sheet over the pork and grab it tightly enough to pull the lemongrass stick out with your other hand. Continue to roll the rice paper into a sort of spring roll, and dip it into the sauce. Then it's time to take a big bite! I love the savory pork mixed with the sweetness from the sauce, and topped with aromatic herbs and nuts!
Step 2. Roll the rice paper that containing all the good stuff!

This restaurant is famous for delicious Bánh khoái for 25k VND too!

Price:💲💲 80,000d / plate (serves 1-2)