Vietnamese Salted Coffee in Hue Vietnam

Vietnamese Salted Coffee from Hue, Vietnam

by The July Coffee shop

Salted Coffee of Hue Imperial City of Vietnam

Salted coffee at The July Coffee
Like egg coffee in Hanoi, we had heard that Hue has its own very special and unique coffee drink. We have been hearing a lot about Hue salt coffee, and decided that it's just something that we have got to try ourselves.

Here we are at The July Coffee, a nice cafe in downtown Hue. It's a hot day and the heat has drained me after a long walk through town to see the Hue Cathedral and several museums. We walked past this coffee shop, but then backed up and decided to stop in to cool off from the sun for a while. The shop looked popular and crowded, so it must be good. We entered the shop, found a nice cozy corner near the AC, and ordered two cups of salt coffee. I'm a coffee lover, so I was so excited to try this unique style of Hue coffee.

So far Vietnamese coffee is actually amazing, just like what you have probably heard! Last month I  tried the famous egg coffee from Hanoi's Cafe Giang. After trying this drink today, I'm so sure that this salted coffee can be a great competitor with northern Vietnam's egg coffee.

The coffee is served from a traditional Vietnamese stainless-steel coffee filter called a "phin". The waitress who brought us our coffee told us to wait for about five minutes for  the coffee to slowly drip from the phin into a glass full of fluffy cream. This fluffy cream is whipped with salt, which helps bring out the natural sweetness of the coffee. Once the coffee has all dripped down into the cup, just add an ice cube or two and gently stir the until it is all mixed up.

Salted Coffee of Hue Imperial City of Vietnam
Salted Coffee in Hue, the Imperial City of Vietnam

Even though it's name might sound strange, salted coffee is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. The perfect coffee aroma and salty cream brings out a light caramel scent and flavor. After walking around all day in the heat, this perfect combination certainly puts me in a good mood and helps me to cool off and relax. This is definitely like nothing else I have ever tried. Don't expect that one cup will wake you up, though. Only a small cup of coffee drips through, and it doesn't have that much caffeine. It's more cooling and comforting.

Now, I can't say whether I like Hanoi egg coffee or this salted coffee from Hue better. Both are INCREDIBLE. You will believe me when you try them :)

My top goal while I'm still in Hue is to discover the cafe with the true original salted coffee. I wonder how I can figure out where salted coffee originated? All I know is that it is definitely a famous specialty of this beautiful old imperial capital.

The July Coffee has many comfy seats and free wifi. The shop has two floors and an outdoor patio. They have various types of coffee besides salt coffee as well. I enjoyed my rest here, and it gave me the energy to continue exploring Hue on foot.

Price: 27,000d

Location: The July Coffee