Banh Dap - Smashed Rice Paper Snack in Hoi An, Vietnam

Banh Dap - Smashed Rice Paper Snack in Hoi An, Vietnam

Banh Dap or smashing rice paper food of Hoi An, Vietnam
Banh Dap, famous Hoi An snack
Hoi An is a central Vietnamese city and UNESCO Heritage Site that holds lots of history and local charm. Hoi An is in the central region of Vietnam, very close to Da Nang City.

Banh Dap, or "smashed rice paper" in English, is one dish that originated in this charming little town. Banh Dap is different from any other rice paper that you will see here in Vietnam. This menu is good for snacking and as a side dishe. Banh Dap is made from two pieces of rice paper smashed together - one crispy and one soft - and folded together like a sandwich. The cracker is dipped into a sauce made of fish sauce, dry onion, and chili. I like the texture of this menu. I didn't know what this dish would be like, but it looked like it would be very crispy from the outside, so my brain had already imagined the sounds of the rice paper cracking when I chew it. BUT it's not exactly like that! The texture of crispy and soft rice cracker mixed together was very interesting.

To be honest, I'm not very big fan of the sauce from this restaurant (normally I love fish sauce). The sauce tasted too sweet, I think. It didn't seem to match with the cracker. It wasn't bad, but I will just have to find the best one. The price is very good.

The shop is located right at the night market (across from the lantern shops). They have various types of very delicious Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant is nice and clean, and the staff is very friendly and energetic.

Price: 20,000d

Location: Quan An Binh Dan Cuong