Banh Trung Noung, or grilled rice paper "Pizza", Hoi An Night Market, Vietnam

Banh Trung Noung, or grilled rice paper "pizza"

Hoi An Night Market

Banh Trung Noung or grilled rice paper, Hoi An

It's a lovely night in the charming historic city of Hoi An. I'm exploring Hoi An's famous night market. Here, you can find lots of souvenirs. especially the city's iconic handmade paper lanterns to take home. Most importantly, the market has lots and lots of delicious food and snacks to try! 

As you walk through the market, lit overhead by the light of colorful paper lanterns, there are so many vendors shouting out to sell you street dishes like grilled frog on a stick, rolled ice cream, and fresh exotic fruits. 

My poor boyfriend had been walking around with me and my sister while we shopped, and he was looking so hungry and tired. I took pity on him to buy him something to snack on. This banh trung nuong caught my eye. I watched the vendor making it to sell fresh to passers-by, so every grilled rice paper is still warm when you take the first bite. Banh Trung Nuong is a type of Vietnamese rice paper "pizza" made with a circle of rice paper as a base grilled it until crispy, and topped with shredded pork, fried onions, shallots, chili sauce, and a fresh quail egg on top. The rice paper is folded in half (like a taco) to make it easy to take home or eat while browsing through the market. I love the taste and texture of it so much (of course I had to have a taste too)! It's crispy, salty and sweet. What could be a better snack?!

Price: 15,000 VND

Location: Hoi An night market