Best Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup in Saigon's District 1

Best Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup in Saigon's District 1

By Bún Riêu NHÀ chi nhánh 2

Best Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup in Saigon district 1
Delicious crab noodle soup in Saigon

A good day should start with a full tummy! Before I headed out for an adventure in Saigon, I stopped by this shop in District 1. I saw the sign advertising Vietnamese crab noodles, which is a dish that I really liked since the first time I tried it in Hanoi.

We sat down and ordered two bowls of crab noodle soup. Soon, we were brought a HUGE plate of veggies (boiled banana flowers, steamed bean sprouts, and lots of herbs) and our bowls of soup. The smell of sweet delicious crab meat kicked my nose the moment the bowl was put in front of me! I wouldn't waste any more time. I just took a picture and dug in.
I tasted the soup first, and it's the best crab noodle soup I have tried so far. The soup is very mellow and sweet, with a strong, sweet taste of crab (I ❤ seafood). It also has a little bit of sourness from the tomato that was added to the soup.

The soup doesn't just have crab meat. I love the tofu that they added, but what I like most is the pork ball. It's very peppery, and you can actually see the flecks of pepper in it! The noodles were topped  with crab (real crab, not that fake imitation meat), shallots, and dried onions. All of the ingredients make this bowl very yummy!
The shop is very easy to find, clean, and comfortable. I'll be eating here many times while I'm staying in Saigon!

In front of the shop 

Price: 35,000 VND