Delicious pho in the heart of Saigon (Vegetarian pho is included)

Delicious pho in the heart of Saigon

by Hai Thien

delicious chicken pho, Saigon, Vietnam
Mixed pho with chicken
This delicious pho is located in the city center (very close to the famous Saigon Walking Street). After traveling through Vietnam from north to south, this is the my favorite pho! It's not quite like the traditional pho that you will see on every corner - the unique pho noodles here are brightly colored, and can be served dry instead of in a soup. I highly recommend that you try it! I kept coming to this place again and again during my time in Ho Chi Minh City. They also serve tasty vegetarian pho.

I ordered a mixed dry pho with chicken, and I found it to be very impressive! First of all, the serving size is HUGE! Second of all, the noodles are of a high quality and delicious taste. It's can be hard to find a good quality chicken from some of the cheap restaurants in Vietnam, but here it is!

They use soft and tender slices of chicken breast instead of the typical chopped boiled chicken. What's more interesting is that pho noodles here come in a variety of bright color. This shop uses 100% natural ingredients, and the color comes from the pumpkin, purple cabbage, spinach, radish etc that they use to make their noodles. This added a little fun gimmick to the bowl. What I like most is the flavor and scent of dry shallot topping and the sweet and salty sauce that they serve with the pho. Half of the bowl is full with veggies (lettuce, leek, and herbs) - even more than you normally get from a pho restaurant. Mix them all up and it's time to stuff my tummy! 

vegetarian pho, Saigon , Vietnam
Vegetarian tofu pho
I also tried their vegetarian tofu pho soup. You can see bright red rice noodles in the picture. They use cubes of fried tofu and protein-rich wheat flour for this menu.
I also recommend you to try their bright and colorful pho rolls too! They are so good, and each wrapper is made from a thick noodle of a different color. Don't skip out the sweet peanut dipping sauce!
The restaurant is called Hai Thien. It's very easy to spot the shop on the side of the street. The restaurant is very clean and staffs can speak English well. They have lots of items on the menu to chose from, plus fresh juice and good, rich Vietnamese coffee.

saigon hou thien restaurant menu
Hou Thien menu
colorful noodles vegetarian hou thien saigon
Shop atmosphere
Location : Hai Thien