Khao Khluk Kapi or Rice with Shrimp Paste, Thailand

Khao Khluk Kapi or Rice with Shrimp Paste

By Tang Leuak 

colorful dish of mixed thai rice and shrimp
Khao Khluk Kapi or Rice with Shrimp paste

First, I have got to say that this is one of my favorite Thai dishes. It's called "Khao Khluk Kapi" or Rice with Shrimp Paste. Now that I am in Thailand again, this is a must! This colorful and tasty dish is so special because it combines all of the five tastes of Thai cooking: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and savory.

LungPerm Market (ตลาดนัดลุงเพิ่ม) is a famous market that sells everything from toys to makeup and everything in between. The food, though, is definitely the big thing that makes this market famous in Bangkok. They have a big covered area with lots of seats and dozens of stalls selling food, just like a big cafeteria. When we were in Bangkok, we decided to go for lunchtime, around 11am before it got too crowded. We ordered two dishes from the shop. One is this delicious Khao Khluk Kapi (Rice with Shrimp paste) and another one was Khao yum (spicy rice salad with vegetables).

Khao Khluk Kapi (Rice with Shrimp paste) is made out of rice that has been mixed with savory shrimp paste in a heated pan, and served with many yummy ingredients on the side.

The dish is served with dried shrimp, sweet pork, green beans, shredded omelette, crispy red onion, sour mango, and chili with a slice of lime.

There are two ways to eat this dish properly. The first way is to mix everything up and just eat it (this is how Michael likes to eat this dish). The second way which is also the way that I like to eat khao kluk kabi is take a bite of a few different ingredients in your spoon. I think it's a more fun experience eating the dish this way, as I can try to combine all the different tastes and make a different flavor in each bite. I really love the sweet pork. It's very soft, peppery, and a little bit herbal. The rice itself is a little salty; it's mixed up with shrimp paste (not spicy) and has a very savory taste. This dish is amazing because it combines so many different tastes together.

Price: 50 baht ($1.50)
Location : Lungperm Market