Xieng Thong Noodle - a very famous traditional noodle shop in Luang Prabang

Xieng Thong Noodle, the most delicious noodle shop

in Luang Prabang, Laos

a bowl of laotian noodle soup with a fried egg, pork, and fried garlic
Best Pork Noodle in Luang Prabang, Laos
You'll find a tiny noodle shop on every corner in Laos. Noodles are popular at any time of the day, and I discovered this little noodle shop when I visited the beautiful and historic Xieng Thong Temple in Luang Prabang.
I saw right away that the shop was pretty popular. Even though it's just a tiny restaurant, it was so crowded that they had to pull out extra tables for the customers to sit at. I decided to come back again the next day. 
The menu is simple: you can order noodles with pork, noodles with egg, or noodles with pork and egg. I decided to try the pork and egg noodles. 
White fat round noodles almost like udon-type noodles, are served in a thick, clear soup, and topped with crispy fried garlic, tender sliced pork, and a poach egg. 
The noodles are very soft and chewy, and the fried garlic gives the broth a strong, spicy, garlic flavor. The soup is so good, but you can add some extra flavors to give it an additional kick, especially if you are a fan of spicy food!
Next to the usual pots of fried chili and vinegar, the table offered another pot of fresh mashed ginger. I've never seen ginger in soup before! I added a little bit of the mashed ginger, and just a tiny bit of fried chili (believe me, only a tiny bit can go a long way!), and a slice of lime. It's a perfectly DELICOIUS combination. Ginger, garlic, lime, and chili, all go together to make the noodle soup quite spicy... just the way I like it.
Xieng Thong Noodle is cheap and easy to find while you are exploring Luang Prabang. This is now one of my favorite noodle shops :D  It's definitely the best in Luang Prabang in my opinion.

Note: seriously, only use a tiny bit of lao chili...it can burn your mouth and you will spit fire! Fried chili is so much more powerful than fresh chili. You have been warned :) 🌶️

Open: 7am until 1 or 2pm (or until they run out of noodles)
Price: 💲 (15.000 kip)
LocationXieng Thong Noodle
Review: 😋 🍜