Hong Kong Milk Tea at Tsui Wah

Hong Kong Milk Tea

by Tsui Wah Restaurant

It's the 3am in Hong Kong, the Asian mega city that never sleeps. Some people are on their way home from a late night at work. Others are up early, ready to get a start on a new day. A couple is on a midnight date. And I, a jet-lagged traveler who has finally given up on sleep after an intercontinental flight across the pacific, sit down at a famous 24-hour diner for a cup of tea.

In Hong Kong, there is always something happening in the middle of the night, and Tsui Wah Restaurant is always there to serve up small cups of the island city's most famous hot milk tea.

Tsui Wah's famous Hong Kong milk tea
Tsui Wah's famous Hong Kong milk tea

Tsui Wah's classic hot milk tea is served in the restaurant's iconic blue and white porcelain teacups. Unlike the milk tea served in other countries, Hong Kong-style milk tea is made with unsweetened evaporated milk rather than with sweetened condensed milk.

The tea is left unsweetened in order to emphasize the rich flavor profile of the roasted Chinese black tea. Sugar is provided if you like your tea sweet, but in my opinion, it's just as good without it! The tea has a delicious natural fragrance and flavor that stands alone.

a cup of hot Hong Kong milk tea from Tsui Wah Restaurant
a cup of hot Hong Kong milk tea from Tsui Wah Restaurant ($20 HKD)

Cup of Hong Kong milk tea - $20 HKD ($2.50 USD)

You can find branches of Tsui Wah Restaurant all over Hong Kong and Macau, but the original restaurant (and the most famous branch) is located on Wellington Street (near Hong Kong Station) on Hong Kong Island.

A cup of milk tea is best enjoyed with Tsui Wah's other specialty, a crispy bun with condensed milk ($19 HKD). It's a perfect combination!

The restaurant also serves a variety of Chinese and Western dishes as well as coffee.

Most branches are open 24 hours, and other branches are open between 7am and 3am, making it a popular late night eatery.