Jok, or Thai Rice Porridge in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Jok with shrimp, mushrooms, poached egg, ginger, and green onion

by Mallika Rice Porridge, Bangkok, Thailand

It's morning in Bangkok, Thailand. The city is known for its delicious street food, and breakfast time is no exception! Today, I started my day with a big bowl of hot jok, or Thai-style rice porridge, topped with big juicy shrimp, mushrooms, ginger, green onion, and a runny poached egg. As the Thais say, "aroi" (delicious)!

Thai rice porridge with shrimp and mushrooms in Bangkok, Thailand
Thai rice porridge with shrimp and mushrooms in Bangkok, Thailand

Jok is one of the most popular breakfast foods in Bangkok. Joke is a type of congee, or rice porridge. In Thailand, it's usually served with a raw or very runny egg, which is stirred into the porridge to give it a creamier texture and a golden coloring. Here at Mallika, you can choose whichever ingredients you want to add into your jok. 

Mallika is one of my favorite places in Bangkok for breakfast. I generally order mushrooms, egg, and ginko, but sometimes I like to get pork belly, shrimp, or pork balls as well. You can also order fish in the jok, but I've never been a big fan of fish for breakfast. Even after seven years in Thailand, that's just one thing I haven't gotten used to yet.

Jok is best served with grated ginger, green onions, and a splash of soy sauce. I also like adding some chili flakes on top to add a little heat!

If you're in Bangkok, don't miss starting your day with a big bowl of jok and a Thai-style iced coffee. It'll give you plenty of energy for sightseeing and exploring throughout the day.

The price varies based on which ingredients you want to add to your porridge. Shrimp or pork belly will cost a little extra, but it's overall a very affordable dish. Generally, a bowl of jok will cost 40-70 baht ($1.30 - $2.30).

Mallika Rice Porridge
Next to Union Mall on Lat Phrao Road, just outside of MRT Station Phahonyothin Exit 5