Nasi Lemak at the Sri Weld Food Court in Penang, Malaysia

Nasi Lemak: The National Dish of Malaysia

at Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

When you are visiting Penang, some of the best meals that you'll have on the Malaysian island can be found at the open-air food courts where locals meet up to chat over sweet iced coffee and hot, fresh food. What better meal to enjoy in this vibrant setting than the national dish of Malaysia?

On a rainy afternoon, I joined the crowds of office workers and local families for a lunch of nasi lemak at the Sri Weld Food Court.

Sri Weld Food Court is a traditional local eatery. It's less touristy than some in Penang, you cannot buy beer, and it tends to be a bit crowded. Eating at a place like this can be a little overwhelming if you haven't done it before, but it's worth getting out of your comfort zone for.

Nasi Lemak, the national dish of Malaysia
Nasi Lemak, the national dish of Malaysia

Just place your order at any of the dozens of hawker carts surrounding the food court and pick a table. Somehow, the servers are always able to find you and bring you your meal! You pay the server once your food arrives.

nasi lemak, lemon tea, and Malaysian iced coffee
nasi lemak, lemon tea, and Malaysian iced coffee

The most popular dish at Sri Weld Food Court, indeed possibly the most popular dish in the entire country, is nasi lemak. This rice dish has the distinction of being Malaysia's national dish, and you would be remiss to visit the country without sampling it!

don't miss the nasi lemak!

Nasi lemak comes wrapped in a traditional (and very eco-friendly) banana leaf. The rice dish is made with a spicy Malaysian sambal sauce, fried anchovies, peanuts, and is usually topped with a fried egg. The name of the dish literally means "oily rice", as the rice used in nasi lemak is boiled with a rich coconut cream, giving it a smooth and slightly sweet flavor.

Sri Weld Food Court, Penang, Malaysia
Sri Weld Food Court, Penang, Malaysia


1.80 ringgit ($0.50) for one small order of nasi lemak


Sri Weld Food Court, Penang, Malaysia


  1. Nasi Lemak can be prepared with rice, cooked with coconut milk or infused with pandan leaf which give it its distinct flavor. Rice cooked with coconut milk is cooked with ginger, pandan leaves, dried shrimp, green onions, eggs, fermented shrimp paste, salt, pepper, sugar, rice palm sugar, soy sauce, salt, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, potatoes, peanuts, curry leaves, garlic or laksa leaves. This saudi arabia national dish recipe, Nasi Lemak, is a traditional Malaysian dish served for breakfast or as a light meal.

    1. Thank you for the additional information! It's a delicious dish, and I'm glad to learn a bit more about the ingredients that go into it.


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