Pad Ga Prao Moo, or Thai minced pork with basil in Bangkok, Thailand

Minced Pork with Holy Basil and Sweet Chinese Sausage

at Khiang by Tummour

I have been craving something spicy for the past few days. Today, I decided to order some pad ga prao moo, a spicy Thai dish with minced pork and holy basil that never disappoints! It's a sort of go-to dish in Thailand when you just aren't sure what else to order. 

Thai basil pork

Khiang by Tummour has a new branch that just opened up on Lat Phrao Road. I had just finished my weekly grocery shopping at the Big C supermarket, and I was feeling hungry! This restaurant's menu looked good, and the clean shop was inviting. I stepped inside and sat down to order a pan of hot and spicy pad ga prao. This dish came with minced pork, cubes of Vietnamese pork pie, and slices of Chinese sweet sausage. The three flavors are all different, but compliment each other perfectly.

Ga prao is cooked with garlic, chili, and lots of Thai holy basil, which is a savory and slightly spicy type of basil quite different from the basil used in Italian cuisine. It's traditionally served over rice and topped with a slightly runny fried egg. The dish came with some fish sauce and chillies to add if you need an extra kick, but I didn't! It was spicy enough for me!

The server did ask me if I wanted my dish to be spicy, and of course I said "yes"! However, if you have a palate that isn't quite used to spicy food, just be sure to ask them to make it less spicy for you.

spicy Thai minced pork with holy basil and sweet Chinese sausage
spicy Thai minced pork with holy basil and sweet Chinese sausage

The restaurant itself is air conditioned, clean, and very tidy. It's nice, and a relaxing place to sit down and eat. They also serve food to-go and by delivery.

Khiang Restaurant, Ladphrao branch
inside Khiang by Tummour, Lat Phrao branch

Khiang Restaurant, Ladphrao branch
Khiang by Tummour, Lat Phrao branch

Menu and Prices

menu for Khiang by Tummour

basil pork with sweet Chinese sausage: 120 baht ($4)
fried egg on top: +20 baht ($0.60)

Lat Phrao Road, across from Big C Extra. Between MRT stations Phahonyothin and Lat Phrao

Dietary Notes:
🌶️ - spicy

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