Tom Yum Kung, or Thai spicy and sour soup by Pe Aor, Bangkok

Tom Yum Kung

by Pe Aor Restaurant

Tom yum, or spicy and sour soup, is one of Thailand's national dishes, and is loved by tourists and locals alike. Pe Aor Restaurant, a local noodle shop located not far from Siam Square, claims to serve "the best tom yum in Bangkok". With a claim like that, I knew that I had to check it out.

tom yum kung soup at Pe Aor, Bangkok, Thailand
classic creamy tom yum with prawns, mushroom, and a boiled egg (100 baht)

There are actually two types of tom yum: clear and creamy. I actually prefer creamy tom yum, which has coconut cream added to cut down the heat and add more body to the soup. Lucky for me, this is the type of tom yum that Pe Aor serves. The restaurant has a huge vat of soup boiling away, and when you order, you need to choose the ingredients that you want off of the menu (printed in both Thai and English). The classic tom yum has giant prawns (tom yum kung), but you can also order tom yum with pork, pork ribs, or other ingredients. Most bowls of tom yum cost 100 baht.

mixed tom yum with prawn, boiled egg, and sliced pork (100 baht)

The soup was great! It wasn't too spicy (which can sometimes happen with tom yum). It was pleasantly herbal and loaded with all sorts of delicious and fresh ingredients.

We also ordered a plate of fried mushrooms and sweet chili dipping sauce to share. This was also excellent! The mushrooms were right out of the fryer, and were hot and crispy.

deep-fried mushrooms and sweet chili sauce

The restaurant is fairly easy to find, but you have to walk down a narrow street to get there. Watch out for cars and motorbikes! It's a nice shop, very clean, and decorated in an eclectic mix of vintage toys and Buddhist artifacts. We arrived in late afternoon, between the lunch and dinner rush, and it was not crowded.

inside Pe Aor Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Service was quick and polite, and all in all we had a good experience.

the interior of the restaurant is decorated in an eclectic mix of vintage toys and Buddhist artifacts

So, is this the best tom yum in Bangkok? I'm not sure. It's certainly tasty, though. This tom yum would be excellent for the palate of a tourist or foreign expat. It's creamy, not too sour, and a little sweet. The ingredients are very fresh, and the prawns are huge. It's a good deal for the price, and if it's your first time visiting Thailand this might be a great place to try your first bowl of authentic Thai tom yum soup.

Tom Yum - 100 baht ($3) for 1 bowl

Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle
The restaurant is located between Phayathai and Ratchathewi BTS stations.

Dietary Notes
🌶️ - not the spiciest Tom Yum, but can be a little hot if you aren't used to Thai food!