Stir-Fried Crispy Pork Belly with Basil, Chili, and Garlic in Bangkok, Thailand

Kaprao Moo Krob, or Stir-Fried Crispy Pork Belly with Basil

by Kaprao Hunmhee in Bangkok, Thailand

Kaprao, or basil stir fry, is one of the most popular dishes in central Thailand. It's a sort of go-to street food meal that you might get when you can't think of what you want. The dish is full of hot Thai chilies, garlic, and Thai holy basil (which is a bit more peppery and less sweet than the typical Italian-style "sweet basil" which is known in the west) and fried up in vegetable oil until aromatic. The meat of your choice is then stir-fried in the mixture in a big wok over flame until done, then served with a portion of rice.

 Basil stir fry, typically made with ground chicken or pork, can really be made with any sort of meat, tofu, or mushroom. I was at a favorite local street food shop, and I had a craving for a basil stir fry. Instead of my usual go-to of kaprao gai (basil chicken), I decided to treat myself with a more decadent kaprao moo krob, or stir-fried crispy pork belly with basil.

The pork belly, a guilty pleasure of mine, was super soft and tender, and melted in the mouth with each bite, however the skin was perfectly crispy, and gave the crunch that I love. Over the years I've built up my tolerance to spicy food, and I was very content with the heat level (I could have had it a little spicier, but I think they toned it down for me because they knew I was a foreigner).


All made-to-order dishes are between 40-60 baht ($1.50-2), which is on the lower end of the standard Bangkok street food price. Portions are great, and you can add an extra fried egg to any dish for 10 baht more.


The restaurant isn't marked on Google Maps, but you can find it right at the intersection of Ladphrao Road and Ladphrao Soi 14. It's just a short walk from Ladphrao MRT station. See the location on the map below.