Oreo Mooncakes by 7-Eleven Thailand

Oreo Mooncakes

by 7-Eleven Thailand

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. Here in Thailand, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most popular holidays, observed by Thais with and without Chinese ancestry.

The most important food during this festival is the iconic mooncake, a traditional Chinese pastry. Over time, the mooncake has developed and changed to incorporate many different modern flavors. 

The other day I came across an Oreo mooncake at the local convenience store. Of course, I had to try it!

Oreo Mooncake at 7-Eleven in Bangkok, Thailand
 First, what is a mooncake?

Moonckakes are a type of traditional Chinese pastry. They are traditionally made from a thin doughy crust stuffed with a lotus paste and mung bean filling. Sometimes there is a salted egg in the center to add a more savory flavor.

Modern mooncakes tend to be a bit sweeter than the more traditional ones, and this Oreo mooncake is certainly no exception. While the majority of the filling is made from sweet mung bean, the center is made from Oreo chocolate, which gives a great rich sweetness to the mooncake.

Like all mooncakes, this one is meant to be shared. A mooncake is far too sweet to eat on its own.

Oreo mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival
Oreo mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival