Khai Pla Muk, or Fried Squid Eggs: Thai Street Food Snack

Khai Pla Muk or Fried Squid Eggs

in Bangkok, Thailand

Khai pla muk, or fried squid eggs, is a Thai street food snack. Pla muk, or squid (the name literally means "ink fish") is a popular Thai snack, and the eggs of the squid are equally popular.

Usually served stir-fried and topped with a spicy seafood sauce, khai pla muk is a rich, savory, sweet, and spicy snack that is often served at fairs, carnivals, and other outdoor street food events.

spicy squid eggs street food snack in Bangkok, Thailand
spicy squid eggs street food snack in Bangkok, Thailand

I was exploring the market underneath the Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand, when I stopped by this local street food stall to purchase a small cup of stir-fried squid eggs.

The eggs were placed in a huge wok filled with oil and were stir-fried until they reached a delicious golden-brown.

grilled squid eggs
grilled squid eggs

Next, the eggs were scooped into a small cup and served as a snack.

Squid eggs are typically served with a spicy Thai seafood sauce. A cup of squid eggs usually comes with a thin bamboo skewer, which is used to pick up the eggs and dip them into the sauce before eating them.

Thai squid eggs snack
Thai squid eggs


I bought a cup of fried squid eggs for 50 baht, which is a pretty standard price for this snack.

squid eggs for sale in Bangkok, Thailand
squid eggs for sale in Bangkok, Thailand


I bought this cup of squid eggs at the Rama VIII Bridge market at QF9W+Q78, Arun Amarin 55 Alley, Bang Yi Khan, Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700.

See the map for the exact location.