Chicken Kabul at the Kandyan Muslim Hotel, Kandy (Halal Food in Sri Lanka)

Chicken Kabul, or Curry Stuffed Roti

by Kandyan Muslim Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka

One of Kandy, Sri Lanka's most renowned restaurants is the Kandyan Muslim Hotel. 

Here in Sri Lanaka, the word "hotel" can often refer to a small family-run restaurant, not a place to sleep. What one might refer to as a "hotel" in other countries are typically called "resorts" or "guesthouses" here.

The Kandyan Muslim Hotel, which was founded more than a century ago in 1907, serves up some of Sri Lanka's most delectable halal food. Notable among these is the restaurant's signature dish, Kabul.

chicken Kabul (curry-stuffed roti) by Kandyan Muslim Restaurant, Kandy, Sri Lanka
chicken Kabul (curry-stuffed roti) by Kandyan Muslim Restaurant, Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Kandyan Muslim Hotel is a restaurant located in the center of Kandy. It was the second day of Ramadan, and the restaurant was bustling - always a good sign! Devout Muslims in Kandy who had been fasting all day were hungry and ready to break their fast at this famous old restaurant.

I was traveling through Sri Lanka with my brother. After driving all day, we were hungry too. We stepped inside and took a seat at one of the old wooden tables. When the waiter, a friendly older man, asked us what we wanted to eat, we had to admit that we weren't sure. Instead, we asked him for his recommendation.

Without even taking a moment to hesitate, he recommended the "Kabul". We had no idea what it was, but who are we to turn down such an adamant recommendation?

Sri Lankan Roti Kabul in Kandy, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Roti Kabul in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kabul turned out to be a delicious chicken curry-stuffed roti. Named for the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul is a rich, hearty, filling dish.

The roti was toasted to be warm and crispy, and the curry inside was sweet, rich, and savory. The waiter cut it into bite-sized pieces so that it was easier for us to pick up and eat by hand.


An order of chicken Kabul costs 750 rupees (around $2.50 USD).


The Kandyan Muslim Hotel is located in the Kandy Center at Ward St, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka. It's just a short walk to Kandy Lake and most of the other famous spots in Kandy.

See the map for the exact location and walking directions.