Bún dọc mùng or Pork Noodles, Hanoi Old Quarter

 Bún dọc mùng or Pork noodles, Hanoi Old Quarter.  

Soft, rich, delicious by Bếp Ông Trung

Bún dọc mùng or Pork noodle, Hanoi old quarter
Delicious Bún dọc mùng or Pork noodles, Hanoi Old Quarter
During my one-month stay in Hanoi, Vietnam, I keep returning to this small noodle shop to try everything on the menu. The shop owner is a really is a good cook, and I am never disappointed! Today, I ordered bún dọc mùng - pork noodle soup. This  big bowl of noodles was served hot. First, I tasted the broth. This soup is so rich! There is a rich taste and smell from the pork marrow that is used to make the soup that has been stewed for hours. There was also a mild sweetness to the soup as she added tomato into the broth. Umami is what I would use to describe it.

The pork pieces come in big in mouthful-sized pieces, and the meat is SO soft and tender. It almost melts in your mouth. I LOVE IT! The rice noodles (the same as for pho) are always good. The veggies were quickly boiled, and still crispy when you bite down. All of the green veggies in the soup make me feel so fresh. I love this place so much, and nothing can change that! The lady who runs the shop is nice and she speak English well.
The restaurant is very very easy to find and to get to. It's close by Hoan Kiem Lake.
The shop is open from 6am to 3pm. It's nice and clean, and they have a/c and fan inside to keep it cool. They also have a curtain over the door to trap the cold inside. All of the food is cheap and tasty! You can find other dishes in our blog :)

Price: 💲 

35,000 VND