Delicious Banh Mi Pâté in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Banh Mi Lan Ong, Delicious Banh Mi pâté in Hanoi

Banh Mi Pate, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Banh Mi Pate
This is one of the most famous banh mi patê shops in the city, and it has great reviews. It's not so far from Hoan Kiam Lake. I heard they have been making fresh patê every day for many many years with the same old family recipe.

I ordered a classic banh mi with pate. There is something special about this banh mi. They add fried oniosn as an ingredients, and that's really makes this banh mi different. I can even taste a very mild coconut aroma too.  Maybe something was cooked with coconut oil? Anyway, it's great!
Their savory and very rich patê, together with pork, ham, and veggies makes this sandwich very yummy. Every banh mi must have cucumber and cilantro too. The bread is very crispy and fresh out of the oven.

FYI. They have free wifi here 😃

Price 💲

Location : Banh Mi Lan Ong