Pork Noodles in Bankgok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand street food noodle soup with pork and eggs

If you are hungry and you don't want to go to an expensive restaurant, sit down for a hot bowl of noodle soup! It's cheap, healthy, and super filling. You can choose whatever type of noodles, meet, broth, and ingredients you want. Basically, you can totally customize your noodles however you want them!

I ordered thin rice noodles with pork, pork balls, boiled egg, crispy garlic, seaweed, and chives. The broth is savory and peppery. You can add chili flakes to taste. Only $2 for a huge, filling bowl.

Location: A roadside noodle shop at Lat Prao soi 1 near Union Mall at Phohon Yothin MRT Station, Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 💲 60 THB   Score: 😃   Official Website: Soi 1 Noodles