The most famous Hainanese Chicen Rice in Singapore

'TIAN TIAN Hainanese Chicken Rice' The most  famous in Singapore

Singapore Chicken Rice

Everyone who has been to Singapore must have heard about Tian Tian Hiananese chicken rice. It's the city-state's most famous dish among locals and tourists alike. However, I can't believe it just from hearing someone say so, so here we are at Maxwell Food Centre! Let's try the most famous chicken rice in all of Singapore!

There were already many people in the line but we didn't give up, and the line went pretty fast. I ordered a small chicken rice and some stir fried bokchoy with oyster sauce. It came in a big dish full of rice and big pieces of soft chicken. The rice is not too oily and the sauce tasted perfect (not too spicy and the smell was not too strong). Traditionally, chicken rice must be served with chicken broth soup. This umami soup gets along very well with rice and chicken. It's a high-standard chicken rice, but I don't feel that it is much differ from Kao man gai in Thailand.

Chicken rice is a widely popular dish throughout in SE Asia, but it's not always easy to find a good one. Each country has their own slight variety on this dish as well. If you've never tried it, please give it a try! You will fall in love with the dish :) <3

If you plan to come visit Singapore, don't miss out!

Price: 💲
Location : (Maxwell Street Hawker Centre)
Hainanese Chicken Rice of Tian Tian, Singapore
Tian Tian chicken rice shop front and menu