Amazing Salt Coffee in The Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam

Vietnamese Salted Coffee of Royal city Hue 

by Cà phê Muối

Salted Coffee dripping in a Vietnamese traditional metal coffee filter cup

Hue has its own coffee specialty. The very unique traditional coffee that originates from Hue is "Salt Coffee". As you may know, Vietnam is a country with a reputation for amazing coffee. Coffee here is different from in other countries, and it's usually served strong and sweet. The best thing is that you can get a cup of delicious coffee for less than $0.50!

My goal is to have as much coffee as I can while still in Vietnam. And of course, in Hue I have got to have Salt Coffee!

Sign of Cà phê Muối coffee shop

Salt coffee is so different from any other cup of coffee in Vietnam. The salt enhances the sweetness and natural rich flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. We discovered Cà phê Muối completely by accident while wandering around our neighborhood in Hue. It's a hidden gem hidden in a tiny alley just outside the walls of the Imperial City. It's about 10 meters down the narrow alley. 
The shop looks so, so nice with lots of trees, which gives me a cozy and relaxed feeling. I choose a comfy corner and order myself a salt coffee. 

Salt Coffee served in Vietnamese stainless-steel coffee filter
Salt Coffee served in Vietnamese stainless-steel coffee filter

Here comes my salt coffee! Salt coffee is brewed in a traditional Vietnamese stainless-steel coffee filter or 'phin' that slowly drips the hot coffee down on top of a cup of milk whipped together with salt. When the coffee drips down to the bottom of the cup it creates a separated layer of whipped cream and coffee. It's fun to watch it dripping down drop by drop. A phin doesn't hold much coffee inside. Each cup of phin coffee is small, about 6 oz., but strong! After waiting for a couple minutes, all of the coffee has finished brewing and dripping, and it's time to taste our drink! 

Finished dripping

No more water left in my phin filter cup

Mix coffee and salted cream together

Stir stir stir... done! You can add 1-2 ice cubes to the coffee while you stir. It helps to make your coffee less thick. I REALLY LOVE my SALT COFFEE! This is my best coffee that I've had during my 1.5 months so far in Vietnam.

Tasting notes: creamy and caramel! Soft smooth mild caramel flavor with a strong, rich coffee aroma. This drink made my day!

Ps. Don't expect that this cup will keep you awake all day, since it doesn't have much coffee and not much caffeine, but I guarantee you it will make your day too!

Cà phê Muối coffee shop, salt coffee, imperial city Hue
The shop is like a garden

The shop has two areas for customers to sit. The exterior feels like you are sitting in a garden or a greenhouse, and the other part is like sitting in a cool, trendy cafe. I really enjoyed my time here. It was cool and relaxing, especially in the heat of the day, and will come back again before I leave Hue.

Cà phê Muối coffee shop, salt coffee, imperial city Hue
exterior of the cafe

Not only is this best Salt Coffee so far, but also the best atmosphere and the CHEAPEST! We've also been told that this shop might also be the ORIGINAL cafe serving salt coffee! How cool! We had a cup of salt coffee here for only 15,000d. Can you believe it??? If not, come see it yourself :)

Hope you enjoy the post! Next time you visit central Vietnam, try a salt coffee. Leave us some comments! ❤