Famous Bánh Khoái or Hue-style pancakes in Hue, Vietnam

Best Bánh khoái in the Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam

byBánh Khoái Hồng Mai

Best Bánh khoái or Hue pancake, Vietnam
Best Bánh khoái or Hue pancake
We are in Hue, the the city that Vietnamese people are so proud of that used to be the city of Nguyễn Dynasty of emperors. The Imperial City not only holds a long of history, but also boasts lots of exquisite royal food developed through the generations. You can expect so much amazing and unique food here in Hue that you can find nowhere else in Vietnam. So many dishes in this city of royal cuisine are served in such a way as to be elegant, colorful, and beautiful.

My number-one favorite food in Hue is still bánh khoái, or Hue pancakes. We ordered some a few days ago that were more like a banh khoai wrap that was so amazingly delicious, but I know that we still have to try the traditional style. I tried to find the best bánh khoái in the old walled city that had the most reasonable price, and I found it! I did some research and rushed to this restaurant right away! The restaurant where we ate is located just at the side of the old Imperial City. It's so easy to visit after a tired day walking around the Forbidden Purple City and all of the historical sites. You can walk to the shop easily from the old walled city, just look for the corner that has a sign reading "Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai". This restaurant has only two items on their menu, namely Bánh Khoái and Nem Llụi (sugarcane-skewered pork wraps). Once we were seated, we ordered two orders of bánh lhoái and one plate of nem lụi.

The food come not long after we ordered. Bánh khoái is made fresh and served directly from the kitchen to our table. A golden crispy pancake is stuffed with shrimp, BBQ pork, pork pie, bean sprouts, carrots ,and sweet basil. It's such an amazing dish that made me say "wow! this is so delicious!" Next I tried another bite with the special dipping sauce. This give me a totally different taste altogether! The taste of the savory and slightly salty bánh khoái, along with creamy peanut-sesame sauce exceeds my high expectations of this famous restaurant. It's so tasty and I think this is the best bánh khoái in Hue, and also THE BEST VIETNAMESE FOOD I have had so far in Vietnam!
Best Bánh khoái or Hue pancake, Vietnam
Best Bánh khoái or Hue pancake
An order of bánh khoái at Hồng Mai is not that big, so if  you are hungry, you might want to order two to fill you up. When my boyfriend and I ordered one bánh khoái each along with a plate of nem lui to share, it was perfect portion for us, even after a long, hungry day of walking in the sun. One of the things I like about this place is that it's very cheap, especially when compared to the shops in the touristy area across the river. It's a very local restaurant, and it's a place where you can see many local people come to enjoy their meal - that's how you know a restaurant is going to be good! One of the staff can speak English very well. He even taught us how to eat the dish properly. The interior of the shop is very clean, and has comfy tables and chairs for customers. There is no AC, but plenty of fans, and it's open-air, so you can get a nice breeze.

In front of Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai restaurants, Hue
In front of Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai restaurants
Price: 💲 
25,000d per order

Location https://goo.gl/maps/ELdRjiq2jJD2