Seafood at The Purple Lantern, An Bang Beach, Hoi An

Seafood at Purple Lantern at An Bang beach of Hoi An

An Bang Beach is a wonderful beach in Hoi An, Vietnam. This beach isn't quite as crowded as some of the beaches in nearby Da Nang. It's the type of beach that is clean and rich in nature, and as I walk along the shore, hermit crabs cover the white sands like stars in the sky. When the sky is clear from the clouds that the monsoon season brings, you can see all the way across the bay to Da Nang City.

After an evening swimming and people watching on An Bang Beach, the sun is setting down. I'm getting hungry, and of course my only thought is of SEAFOOD! I follow the purple signs to the nearby Purple Lantern Restaurant. It's not so far from the beach, and I can walk there in just 5 minutes.
It's a cute home-style restaurant that has been decorated with pretty colorful lanterns. We sat down and looked through the menu. If you are searching for a nice restaurant that is quite relaxing with affordable prices and good reviews, I recommend the Purple Lantern Restaurant.
fried prawn with cashew nuts
Delicious fried prawns with cashew nuts

We order four dishes to share: fried prawns with cashew nuts, grilled squid steak, seafood fried rice, and a ginger chicken clay pot.

My favorite dish were the fried prawns with cashew nuts. It's SO TASTY! The prawns are very fresh and perfectly cooked with a great salty/sweet flavor. The soft prawn meat goes well with the crispiness of the cashew nuts and veggies (tomato, onion, and shallot). I'm very happy and almost ate the whole plate by myself! :)

Grilled squid served with salad
Grilled squid served with salad
Next was the grilled squid served with salad. Squid isn't usually my thing, BUT this one is incredible! The squid was marinated in a fresh, sweet sauce and served with a shredded papaya salad on the side.

Purple Lantern restaurant Atmosphere
Purple Lantern Atmosphere
The Purple Lantern is good for any type of customers; a single diner, couples, family, or friends. The covered open-air seating area is very calm and quiet. It's comfortable and very clean. This is how I want to end my day on the beach - with a big plate of seafood and an ice cold glass of beer.

Follow Purple Lantern sign
Follow Purple Lantern signs down the street
Beautiful An Bang beach in evening
Beautiful An Bang Beach in the evening

An Bang Village, Cam An Ward - just cross the road from An Bang Beach and follow the sign down the narrow side alley. It's just a short walk from the beach to this amazing restaurant!