Saigon delicious and cheap grilled duck rice

Saigon delicious and cheap grilled duck rice

by Hainanese Chicken Rice

Duck rice, Saigon, Vietnam
yellow rice with duck, Saigon, Vietnam

We are in Saigon, a city famous for its street food. I want to try something different, and get away from the tourist restaurants on the busy main streets to where the locals go. I wandered in district 1 and I found this yellow-painted shop that at a corner of a tiny alley. It's crowded! It must be good. Walking toward the shop I can see they have red BBQ pork, duck, and chicken hanging in the glass case in front of the shop.
We march straight in and sit down. Even though it's busy, the shop has two floors with plenty of seating for customers. We have a look at the menu. The restaurant offers a wide varieties of Singaporean-Chinese cuisine, such as fired rice, stir-fired veggies, soup, etc. This restaurant is owned by one of Saigon's Chinese-Vietnamese families. Right away, my eyes were drawn to the grilled duck. From the menu, you could order sliced duck meat or duck thigh. Of course, I had one order of each! The dish is served with a special sweet and spicy sauce, which compliments the rich flavor of the fresh duck meat. The duck meat was juicy with delicious crispy skin.
DI love how juicy and tender the duck meat is. The yellow rice is very fluffy and soft. We were served a fair amount for 40.000-50.000 VND. Our order also came with a mild and salty soup. The shop is very easy to find and is very clean. No AC or wifi provided, but there are plenty of fans and since the shop is partially open-air, it's always pretty breezy. It never feels too hot. There are 2 floors for customers to sit, and the staffs are nice and friendly.

2nd floor of the restaurant


duck thigh rice 50.000
duck rice 40.000
ice tea 2.000 (VND)


Com ga hai Nam (Singaporean Hainanese Chicken)