Chicken with Chili Paste on Rice in Bangkok, Thailand

Chicken with Chili Paste on Rice

by ครัวอิ่มอร่อย (made-to-order restaurant at Lat Phrao Road soi 14, Bangkok)

I tried a new dish for lunch today: chili paste chicken with a fried egg on rice! This Thai street food classic was stir fried at a traditional open-air made-to-order restaurant, where chefs working over a smoky wok will whip up pretty much any Thai dish you can think to ask for!

chili paste chicken in Bangkok, Thailand
chili paste chicken in Bangkok, Thailand

The type of chili paste that is used in this dish is not spicy at all. In fact, it's got a sweet and rich flavor. The chicken was stir fried with shredded carrots, mushrooms, onions, baby corn, and garlic and mixed up with a big dollop of the smoky red chili paste. Like many Thai dishes, a big scoop of rice was topped with a delightfully runny fried egg.

sweet chili paste stir fry

Dining at a Thai made-to-order restaurant can be a bit intimidating. Although a menu (in Thai) is posted, it's really only a suggestions. There are also photos of food posted around on the walls that you can look at to choose from. However, you are free to order whatever dish you can think of for the chef to make for you. Generally, these places specialize in Thai street food like basil pork, drunken noodles, or other stir-fried dishes. 

the menu is in Thai, although there are plenty of photos of food to point at and order

If you know the names of some basic Thai foods, you should be able to order whatever you want. Don't be intimidated! Just give it a try! The staff is friendly and helpful, and can speak some English, so be brave and go for it. 

the inside of the restaurant where you can sit and eat

This restaurant is one of my favorites on Lat Phrao Road. It's located right at the corner of soi 14 between Lat Phrao and Phahonyothin MRT stations. It's easy to get to, and the food (not to mention the price) is excellent!

this made-to-order shop is located at the corner of Lat Phrao soi 14

40 baht ($1.30)

At the corner of Soi 14

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