Moo Tod, or Fried Thai Pork with Sticky Rice

Fried Pork with Sticky Rice

street food breakfast in Bangkok

In early mornings, a vendor stands in front of his stall frying slivers of crispy, fatty pork in a boiling wok full of hot oil. He scoops a generous portion of the crispy fried pork into a little bag along with a packet of sticky rice - a very filling and super cheap street food breakfast.

fried pork and sticky rice for breakfast in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has some amazing street food breakfast dishes, but you've got to be up early if you want to enjoy them! Breakfast vendors set up shop as the sun is coming up, and usually pack up around 9am. On mornings when I'm out and about early, I sometimes like to treat myself with a packet of crispy fried pork and sticky rice - it's an unhealthy and delicious way to start my day! Stop by the local 7-11 for a bottle of orange juice to complete the tasty meal.

The "pork guy" who has his stall set up across from the Big C on Lat Phrao Road serves fresh, delicious moo tod (fried pork) nearly every morning. A portion of fried pork costs just 20 baht, and a packet of sticky rice costs just 5 baht.

fried pork for sale in Bangkok

25 THB ($0.80) for a small pack of fried pork and sticky rice.

You should be able to find dishes like this pretty much anywhere in Bangkok in the morning. I found this fried pork vendor across the street from the Big C at Lat Phrao soi 7. (The food stall sets up in the morning outside of this chicken and rice restaurant).

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