Roti from Teh O, Bangkok

Famous Roti in Bangkok, Thailand

by Teh O

Teh O (the name means "Sugar Tea") is an outdoor restaurant serving roti and other Thai Muslim dishes. It's nothing fancy, visitors sit on short plastic stools along the side of the street, but the food is cheap, authentic, and absolutely delicious! Asking the staff for their recommendations, we ordered three dishes to share and a couple of iced "teh tarik" (milk tea). The bill came out to 160 baht (about $5) for two people. Not bad!

The first thing we ordered was the chicken matabak (30 baht), a sort of doughy bread or pancake stuffed with chicken curry. Thai matabak comes from the Middle Eastern murtabak (stuffed pancake), but the matabak that you can find in Thailand has its own distinct flavors. This was my personal favorite dish! If you only order one thing at Teh O, make it the chicken matabak! It comes with a spicy dipping sauce, though I thought it was so good that it really didn't need anything else. The roti dough was super crispy, and the curry was rich and flavorful.

chicken matabak (30 baht)

Next up was chicken yellow curry roti (30 baht), crispy flatbread served with a sweet yellow curry for dipping. Roti is one of Teh O's specialities, and one of the dishes that makes this little restaurant so famous. If you are worried about spice, don't be! Yellow curry is the mildest type of Thai curry. It has a very soft spicy kick with lots of natural sweetness from coconut milk.

chicken yellow curry roti (30 baht)

The server also recommended that we order a sweet matabak for desert. We ordered a corn matabak drizzled with sweetened condensed milk (30 baht). Once you've been living in Thailand for a while, you'll find that sweet corn and condensed milk is a popular dessert combo. Try it! It's great! It may seem like an odd combination at first, but somehow the two distinct flavors compliment one another perfectly.

sweet corn matabak (30 baht)

We finished the meal with "teh tarik", a sweet iced tea (35 baht each). Teh O serves a number of other drinks as well, including iced coffee and delicious lemon tea (but no beer, as this is a Muslim restaurant).

teh tarik (35 baht)

Teh O food and drink menu

see menu above
dishes 30-40 baht ($1-1.30)
drinks 20-35 baht ($0.65-1.15)

Petchburi Road, within walking distance of BTS Ratchathewi, BTS Phayathai, and Airport Rail Link Phayathai Terminal Station.

Dietary Notes
☪️ Halal

😃 Our service was great! Even though the restaurant was busy, the service was quick and efficient, the staff was helpful and super friendly, and the food was incredible. Don't miss next time you are in Bangkok!