Prachak Roasted Duck - delicious duck in a restaurant more than 100 years old!

Thai Roasted Duck

by Prachak Roasted Duck (Prachak Phed Yang / ร้านประจักษ์เป็ดย่าง)

Established more than a century ago in 1909, Prachak Roasted Duck is a legendary local Thai-Chinese restaurant on the historic Charoenkrung Road, the very first paved road in Bangkok, Thailand! Known, of course, for their famous roasted duck, Prachak is an Old Town institution popular with locals and expats, young and old.

phed-daeng-krob, or egg noodles with roasted duck, red pork, and crispy pork
phed-daeng-krob, or egg noodles with roasted duck, red pork, and crispy pork

It was crowded, even at 3pm. We thought it was a smart time to go to avoid both the lunch and dinner rush, but there were already lots of people eating inside and waiting for take-away orders! Even though we had to wait for about ten minutes to be served, the food came promptly, and the service was efficient and friendly.

We ordered two dishes. First, we tried the phed-daeng-krob, which was a dish of egg noodles topped in three meats: the roasted duck, moo daeng (red pork), and moo krob (crispy pork). We also tried the restaurant's signature dish: roasted pork in brown sauce served over rice.

traditional Thai-style roasted duck in brown sauce with cucumber and pickled ginger served over rice
traditional Thai roasted duck with cucumber and pickled ginger over rice

Prachak's roasted duck has been famous for over a century, and for good reason! The duck was some of the most tender duck I've had, but the skin was perfectly roasted to a crispy perfection. The brown sauce that was served over the duck was a bit sweet (maybe a little sweeter than the classic brown roast duck sauce that you find throughout Bangkok). It was served with the typical sliced cucumber and pickled ginger to add extra crunch and tang to each bite.

While they didn't serve the traditional bowl of broth that usually comes with a dish of roasted duck, you could buy a small bowl on the side for just 3 THB (about $0.10 USD).

It was a hot day, but luckily the shop had a nice, cool AC! That is always a bonus (and not always a given!) in Bangkok. No wonder it's so popular with locals! When we were there, we saw people of all ages and walks of life coming by to eat Prachak's famous roasted duck. Students from the nearby Convent School were dining next to old couples who appeared to be regulars. 

Prachak Roasted Duck is a great restaurant with delicious food, and definitely a neighborhood institution. 

Prachak Roasted Duck, Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Prachak Roasted Duck, Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok, Thailand

What to order

The red pork and crispy pork are very good, but this restaurant made a name for itself with it's famous roasted duck. You would be remiss not to order their most famous dish! Anything with duck would be a good choice!

Prachak Roasted Duck Menu

Prachak Roasted Duck Menu
Prachak Roasted Duck Menu


💲 - surprisingly cheap for the huge portion! They serve their dishes with lots of noodles, rice, and meat. Expect to pay 60 - 80 THB per dish ($2 - $2.50 USD). Unusually, they don't serve broth as a side with their duck dishes, although you can buy a small bowl of traditional Thai broth for just 3 THB ($0.10).


Prachak Roasted Duck is located in Bangkok's Old Town near Assumption Cathedral on Charoenkrung Road. The nearest public transportation stop is BTS Saphan Taksin (also easily reachable from Sathorn / Central Pier by boat). It's just a short 5-10 minute walk from the station.