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Chicken Curry and Rice

by McDonald's Thailand

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I'm a huge fan of curry! There are so many different types of curry around the world: Thai, Indian, Japanese, Cambodian, and more... It might surprise our readers to learn that an extremely delicious curry can be found in nearly every shopping center in Thailand: McDonald's chicken curry on rice!

McDonald's chicken curry served over rice - a specialty dish served in Thailand

Using crispy fried McDonald's chicken, the Japanese-style curry is rich with a sweet and savory umami flavor. The curry is served with a generous portion of Thai jasmine rice, and is not only delicious, but also very filling. For the price, it's hard to beat.
McDonald's chicken curry and rice (available in Thailand)

Where to get it

Thai chicken curry can be ordered at any McDonald's in Thailand (which can be found all over the country in nearly every shopping mall or shopping center). You can also order online for home delivery with a food delivery app such as Grab or LineMan, or through McDonald's own Thailand website, McDelivery.


THB 79 ($2.40); with egg THB 99 ($3.00)