McD Porridge (Jok Gai, or Breakfast Rice Porridge with Fried Chicken) from McDonald's Thailand

McD Porridge (Breakfast Rice Porridge with Fried Chicken)

The World of Fast Food: McDonald's Thailand

While this blog mainly focuses on street food and local dishes from around the world, from time to time I like to explore the wonderful fast-food options that are available in different countries that we just can't find back home in the US. This week I happened to be up early for some errands in Bangkok and stopped in at a local McDonald's for some breakfast, coffee, and orange juice. In a city with as much amazing food as Bangkok I rarely order fast food, but when I do, I always try to get something special.

On this occasion, I decided to order McD Porridge with Chicken, McDonald's' take on the traditional "jok gai" or rice porridge with chicken, a popular early morning breakfast staple in Thailand.

McD Porridge (breakfast rice porridge with fried chicken) from McDonald's Thailand
McD Porridge (breakfast rice porridge with fried chicken) from McDonald's Thailand

McD Porridge, available in the mornings from McDonald's in Thailand, combines the traditional Thai jok, or rice porridge with McD's famous fried chicken tenders.

It's a simple breakfast, far more basic than the more elaborate offerings you might find at jok shops across the kingdom, but I think it benefits from that. Jok (rice porridge) is not meant to be an elaborate or fancy meal. It's a quick and easy breakfast that is meant to fill you up and keep you satiated throughout the day.

The porridge itself is simple enough. It's a classic Thai-style rice porridge. It is then topped with a generous portion of McDonald's fried chicken tenders, cilantro, and black pepper. You can also order a fried egg for 20 baht more.

To be honest, of all of McDonald's breakfast options, this is probably the most healthy and wholesome. It's a healthy, filling, and traditional way to start your morning in Thailand, and is quite close to the "real thing".

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Where to get it

You can get this dish from any McDonald's in Thailand before breakfast stops being served at 11am. You can also order it with most any food delivery app (such as Grab), or from McDonald's Thailand's own online delivery service at (