Kolaches at Slovacek's, West, Texas

Texas Kolaches

at Slovacek's West, Texas

No drive down I-35 from Dallas to Austin, Texas is really complete without a stop in the small town of West, a sleepy little community steeped in the traditions and culture of the Czech immigrants who settled in the central Texas Hill Country in the 19th century. In Texas, West is most famous for - nearly synonymous with perhaps - the famous Texas-Czech kolache.

Czech kolaches for sale at Slovacek's, West, Texas
Czech kolaches for sale at Slovacek's, West, Texas

What is a Kolache?

Kolaches are actually a Texas fusion food. This delightful pastry has its roots in the Czech heritage of the early settlers who called the Lone Star State home. As Czech immigrants found their way to Texas in the 19th century, they brought with them the time-honored tradition of pastry-making, adapting and transforming their recipes to suit their new surroundings.

(Technically, a sausage Texas-Czech pastry is called a klobasnek, but in general, the word kolache is used to describe both sweet and savory pastries).

rows of freshly baked Kolaches at Slovacek's in West, Texas
rows of freshly baked Kolaches at Slovacek's in West, Texas

Step into a bustling Texas kolache shop, and you'll be instantly enveloped in the warm, yeasty aroma of freshly baked dough. The typical glass display case boasts an array of tempting kolaches, from the traditional fruit-filled varieties like apricot or cherry to the more adventurous Texas twists featuring jalapeño, sausage, and even barbecued brisket. It's no surprise that Texans have embraced this Czech pastry with open arms, making it an integral part of their culinary culture. Whether you're enjoying a sweet kolache with your morning coffee or a savory one as a satisfying snack, each bite is a delicious reminder of the harmonious blend of Czech and Texan heritage.

fresh Czech Texas kolache pastries in West, Texas
fresh Kolaches, ready to be eaten!

What to eat at Slovacek's

There's a long-running debate amongst Texans about which kolache bakery in West is the best. We don't have an official opinion, and we love all kolache bakeries equally. That being said, Slovacek's is best known in particular for their meat kolaches.

At Slovacek's, they smoke their own meat and make their own sausage, which is used to stuff the delicious kolaches, and is available for sale at the on-site deli.

Jalapeño Popper, Cream Cheese, and Sausage Kolache

This is a perfect Texan combination. The jalapeño, stuffed with cream cheese and sausage, is baked to release all of its natural sweetness. It's not spicy at all, and the delicious pepper and smoky sausage go so well with the cream cheese. The whole thing is baked inside of a fluffy, buttery kolache bun.

a jalapeño popper, cream cheese, and sausage kolache at Slovacek's in West, Texas
a jalapeño popper, cream cheese, and sausage kolache at Slovacek's in West, Texas

Pulled Pork Kolache

Pulled pork is a southern specialty, and since Slovacek's is famous across Texas for their pork products, it's a natural go-to when stopping in for a kolache! The pulled pork is savory and moist and doesn't need any barbecue sauce whatsoever! The portion stuffing the kolache is generous, and you'll never have a single bite without any meat.

a Texas-style pulled pork kolache from Slovacek's in West, Texas
a Texas-style pulled pork kolache from Slovacek's in West, Texas

Peach and Cream Cheese Kolache

While the original kolaches may have been savory rather than sweet, sweet kolaches have become perhaps even more iconic in Texas as a breakfast pastry staple. these square-shaped pastries are filled with jams and fruit fillings and sometimes topped with a dollop of baked cream cheese for a bit of extra richness.

This particular sweet pastry that we ordered is made from Texas peaches (which grow bountifully in the summertime around Fredericksburg in the Hill Country). A peach kolache is about as Texas as you can get for a sweet pastry (and pairs well with a cup of hot pecan coffee).

a sweet peach and cream cheese kolache from Slovacek's in West, Texas
a sweet peach and cream cheese kolache from Slovacek's in West, Texas


Slovacek's store, bakery, and meat market is open from:

6:00 am to 9:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday. 
6:00am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday

Texas-shaped cookies at Slovacek's in West, Texas
Besides kolaches, there's also a variety of cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls, and bread for sale at the bakery.


Visit slovacekwesttexas.com to see what's available and to take a virtual tour.


Slovacek's West is located in the small town of West, Texas, about twenty minutes north of Waco on I-35. It's easiest to visit while driving south, and makes for a great stop on the road from the DFW area to Waco or Austin.

Visit Slovacek's not only to try their 37 varieties of delicious kolache, but also for their famous sausage and smoked meats! Stop in to visit the Texas-themed store where you can buy everything from seasonings and spices to Texas university spirit wear and everything in between. There's a Christmas decoration store and an on-site dog park (not to mention clean toilets). Slovacek's is the perfect stop on a long Texas road trip.

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The Texas Hill Country is famous for its central European influences, which are particularly expressed in the cuisine in and around Fredericksburg. Visit the Old German Bakery & Restaurant for incredible German-Texas food!

Traveler's Tips

West is a small town steeped in Czech settler history. Visit on Labor Day weekend for the super fun West Fest Czech cultural festival!