Chorizo Street Tacos in Waco, Texas

Chorizo Street Tacos

by Tacos Don Jaime, Waco, Texas

A street taco is a small, simple taco that is traditionally sold by street vendors in Mexico and in states near the southern US border. They are usually made with grilled meat, such as beef, chicken, pork, or seafood, and topped with onion, cilantro, and salsa. 

They are served on soft corn tortillas, which are smaller and thinner than the flour tortillas that you might be more familiar with in other kinds of tacos. Street tacos are considered a snack or a light meal, not a main course.

The other day, I ordered a street taco with chorizo at a local festival in Waco, Texas.

street tacos with chorizo in Waco, Texas
street tacos with chorizo in Waco, Texas

The tacos are served in the traditional Mexican street taco style on a corn tortilla. Each taco comes with your choice of meat, fresh and grilled onions, and a generous portion of cilantro.

I ordered the chorizo tacos, and was really impressed with how much meat was included! It's a great deal for the price.

I did add some of the optional salsa verde, but the chorizo itself was so flavorful that I really didn't need anything extra.

Tacos Don Jaime, Waco, Texas
Tacos Don Jaime, Waco, Texas

Price and Menu

The menu is simple; you can order your tacos with steak, steak and chorizo, al pastor (grilled slice pork), and chorizo.

Street tacos cost $4 each. 

street tacos in Waco, Texas menu
street tacos for $4 in Waco, Texas


Tacos Don Jaime does not have a physical location, but instead caters various events in Waco. You can find them at the annual Waco Wonderland (a Christmas festival in downtown Waco) and similar events.