Gai Takrai, or Lemongrass Grilled Chicken Skewers in Bangkok, Thailand

Gai Takrai, or Grilled Chicken Skewered on Lemongrass

Halal Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand

Gai takrai, or grilled chicken skewered on lemongrass, is a super flavorful Thai street food snack that is oppular at fairs, carnivals, street markets, and other events.

I had some recently at an open-air food fair and carnival in Bangkok, but this snack can be found all throughout the country.

gai takrai, or lemongrass grilled chicken skewers

The chicken itself is minced up and mixed with lots of different herbs, which infuse into the meat along with the flavor and scent of lemongrass as the chicken is grilled.

Cooking it over charcoal imparts a smoky flavor that rounds out the strong herbal taste of the chicken.

It's a delicious snack, and it even comes with its own skewer so that your hands stay clean while you are eating!

It reminded me of nem lui, a Vietnamese dish made from pork. Vietnamese Royal Cuisine - Nem Lui or Pork Skewers on Lemongrass, Hue.

halal grilled chicken skewers in Bangkok, Thailand